All Black Everything!

You can not go wrong with wearing black. I know there are many out there that loves “Orange is the new black” show…well yeah it is a good show. However, back to fashion, black will always be in style. To me a black outfit has so many different meaning, it all depends on how you wear it. For this outfit, I was going for a sexy yet adorable look and at the same time classy. The faux leather peplum top with a black pencil skirt was such a great match. It can definitely pass as a dress. Now lets talk about the heels, I am in love with them. They have bows which makes them a little playful. You can wear them with just about any outfit. I would recommend for a night out in town. The heels could also go with business attire (it depends on where you work 😀 ). I thought the whole black outfit needed some accessory to spice it up so it doesn’t look too dull. I added a black thin belt with a gold bow to defined the peplum top even more. With a strapless peplum top, you can always go for a big statement necklace if you wanted to, but with this look I already have a bow in the middle catching attention and wanted to leave my neck bare to show off my neck. I had on long dangling earrings which can take the place of the necklace. The earrings gave my neck a longer look. This out fit was super fun to wear, so I styled my hair differently to give this outfit a little more attitude. In addition, if you are going somewhere and cannot decide on what to wear. You can play it safe by wearing something black and dress it up with accessories that would compliment the outfit. I LOVE black and gold, it goes great together. How do you like to wear your black outfits?

{Top: Forever 21} {Skirt: Charlotte Russe} {Watch: Michael Kors} {Other Accessories: Charlotte Russe & Forever 21} {Belt: Forever 21} {Heels: Steve Madden}