About Me

Welcome Furballs!

My mission is to inspire compassion & empathy towards others and yourself through a colorful and judgement free lifestyle content. I encourage my audience aka “Furballs” to be optimistic and love with an open heart.


My name is Linh, I am so happy you are here! Even though I may look like I am 12, I am two years away from being 30 😀

I was born in Vietnam, English is my second language. I grew up in Washington D.C. for half of my life, then VA and now I am currently living in Los Angeles. I am 87.5% Vietnamese and 12.5% French. I’m not as tall as you think I am in my photos, I’m 4’11” (fun sized).

My Obsessions:

  • Cats,
  • Skincare
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Netflix
  • Travel

My Goals: 

  • Get superpower to make myself an inch or 2 taller so I don’t have to lie on my DL.
  • Own a cat shelter or cat cafe to help them find forever homes.
  • Be the best version of myself
  • Be able to share my knowledge and experiences in hope it will help at least one of you Furballs!


Feel free to reach out at anytime via email: xcapewithlinh@gmail.com

I’m very responsive on social so DM me or follow along on my adventures on Instagram Facebook